Where to Volunteer in Austin if You Like Animals More Than People

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

The things that motivate us are diverse and ever-changing. Fortunately, so are the volunteer opportunities in the Austin area. If green spaces and community food drives aren’t your things, then maybe animals are. The greater Austin area is the largest no-kill city in the country for ten years running. The city is currently at risk of losing its no-kill status, but it’s a cause that you can help with.

1. Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive! (APA) is a no-kill animal shelter located in central Austin. With a focus on both cats and dogs, the organization aims to find creative solutions to help keep Austin’s animal population healthy and in happy homes.

APA has a wide range of volunteer activities and needs about 300 volunteers daily to make their programs work. Many of their needs include on-site animal care and foster homes, but APA also has needs for event staff, marketing, and IT help. If you’re qualifications meet their needs then APA could also benefit you with a great resume builder!

Fill out an application to volunteer with APA here.

2. Austin Animal Center

The Austin Animal Center (AAC) is another no-kill animal shelter located in East Austin. With a broader scope than most, the AAC accepts all animals, both stray and owned, regardless of size, age, health, breed, or species. They also host community outreach, with resources such as lost and found pets and a low-cost pet vaccination clinic that has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years.

The AAC relies on volunteers to meet the needs of all the animals they take in. They have volunteer opportunities for one-time volunteers, groups looking for a community service activity, and long-term volunteers. If you’re interested in direct animal care and training, AAC would be a great fit for you.

Apply to volunteer with AAC here.

3. Love-A-Bull

Love-A-Bull is a non-profit outreach program with a mission to educate and advocate for the breeds known commonly as “pit bulls”. According to their website, they saved a record 200 pit bull-type breeds in 2020.

Love-A-Bull and organizations like it are close to my heart. As someone who has had a (surprisingly large) pit-mix and worked with this organization and others like it, I can only tell you how fun and rewarding it can be.

If you currently have a pittie that is certified to work as a therapy animal for others then Love-A-Bull is a great fit for you. If all you want to do is walk (or run!) a dog while they’re waiting for their forever home they can work with that too.

You can apply to volunteer with Love-A-Bull here.

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